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Mouse control.

Languages: ENG


Microsoft Windows Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
500MHz CPU
DirectX 9.0
3D graphics card

Greetings, traveller, and welcome to Smileyville!

Do you know smileys? You may have seen their little round faces poking around one of your e-mails or instant messages. Well, Smileyville is where they all live. They like to spend their time here, lazily basking in the warm sunshine and sniffing the wildflowers.

Smileys love company. They'll often visit their friends, everyone knows friends are great company! You'll always see them strolling around Smileyville in pairs. You probably didn't know this, but smileys also like to be unique. They simply can't stand it when another smiley looks or dresses like them! Smileys can only be happy in company that looks completely different!

  • Journey through Smileyville to keep smileys happy, visiting 8 neighborhoods and 50 houses!
  • Three game modes — Test your reflexes in Action mode, plan ahead in Quest mode, or scratch your head in Puzzle mode!
  • Delicious vitamins — activate their special powers on demand!
  • In-game tutorial guides you through the basic game mechanics.
  • Original soundtrack, 32-channel digital sound.
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