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News Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition released 2016-12-01

'tis the season to be jolly, cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck, cluck-CLUUUUUUCK! Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition is now officially available for Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Steam!


News EARLY ACCESS: Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition update 2016-10-05

Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition has been updated with new music and some minor graphical improvements. Registered users can use their given authorization code to log in and download the update (Windows only).


News EARLY ACCESS: Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition 2016-09-19

And now for something a little bit different! As you might already know (or suspect), the Christmas Edition of Chicken Invaders 5 is coming this December. What you definitely don't know, however, is that we have a special treat for all users who have registered Chicken Invaders 5 : if you've purchased the Chicken Invaders 5 pack directly from this website, then you can simply use your given authorization code to log in and download the Christmas Edition right now!

Go right ahead and try it out (you'll need a Windows operating system -- Mac and Linux versions are coming soon) and don't forget to tell us what you think. We'll be incorporating your ideas and improving it right until December!


News "Lost progress" bug in recent Android updates to Chicken Invaders 3 & 4 2016-07-08

There is a bug in the Chicken Invaders 3 (v1.19) and Chicken Invaders 4 (v1.15) updates for Android we released last week which will prevent your progress from being upgraded correctly (that is, your progress will be reset to zero). We have now released updates to correct this issue.

The new updates are Chicken Invaders 3 v1.20 and Chicken Invaders 4 v1.16. You can check which version you have by selecting Options -> Credits at the game's main menu.

Please allow a few hours for these updates to propagate around the world and then make sure you apply them as soon as possible, because any progress you make with the old v1.19 and v1.15 will be ignored.

This issue only affects Android. Windows, Mac, Linux are unaffected.


News Sweeping update for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android 2016-06-23

We have recently released a sweeping update to all of our games on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The most important visible differences are the option to switch between classic (chiptune) and remastered (orchestral) music for Chicken Invaders 2, spaceship colorization in multiplayer games for Chicken Invaders 4, and the addition of Dutch and Portuguese translations for Chicken Invaders 5. The update breaks network compatibility for Chicken Invaders 3 & 4, so you'll need it to play multiplayer games. There is additionally a multitude of small technical fixes that nobody will ever care about so we won't even mention them!


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