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News Chicken Invaders 1 slowness issue under Windows 8+ 2015-12-10

As you might already know, Chicken Invaders 1 (and Island Wars 1) run very slowly under Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. This is because starting with Windows 8, the DirectDraw portion of DirectX 7.0 is software emulated, meaning that it's very slow. This is a limitation of Windows and there's nothing that the game itself can do to fix it.

Nevertheless, Zerosan has reported to us that you can use the dgVoodoo2 DirectX wrapper to make the game work correctly under Windows 8+, so you might want to give it a shot. Note that InterAction studios is not affiliated with the maker of dgVoodoo2 and no technical support can be provided. Your mileage may vary.


News Halloween Edition "wave 27" crash 2015-10-05

There is a bug that will cause the Halloween Edition of Chicken Invaders 5 to crash on wave 27. It only affects SD versions on Android and iOS. We have already released a fix for Android (available now) and iOS (available after Apple approves it in a few days). Until this happens, we have removed the game from the iOS store to avoid confusion. Sorry about the mix-up!


News Chicken Invaders 5 Halloween Edition 2015-10-02

The Halloween Edition of Chicken Invaders 5 is now available for download! Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam, Android, and iPhone versions are available immediately. iPad, Windows Phone, and Windows Store versions are currently waiting for validation and will be released as soon as they are approved.

Warning: The following side effects have been scientifically linked to prolonged exposure to the Halloween Edition:

  • Eerie clucking sounds echoing in the night
  • Omelette indigestion
  • Claw marks on your buttered toast
  • Feathers in your slippers
  • Alektorophobia
  • Loss of: productivity, sleep, appetite, sanity


News Major game update (Windows, Mac, Linux) 2015-09-17

Today we are releasing the largest update since...,well, our last large update. We're kicking it off with updates to practically all our games for PC, Mac, and Linux. Everything has been improved to a greater or lesser extent, but highlights include:

  • Chicken Invaders 3 is now widescreen by default.
  • Chicken Invaders 3 and Chicken Invaders 4 now have HD graphics (2x resolution)!
  • Analogue joystick support for Chicken Invaders 3, Chicken Invaders 4 & Chicken Invaders 5.

Updates for Steam coming later today. Updates for the Mac store and Windows Store are coming within the next few days. Stay tuned!

Note: The Chicken Invaders 3 update breaks network compatibility, so you must upgrade in order to play multi-player network games.


News Windows 10 bug 2015-08-19

There is a bug in Windows 10 which will make the "Windows 8 Store" versions of the games ("app" versions) unplayable if your desktop resolution is less than 1280x960. The specific issue is that the game image will not be properly centered and will spill outside your screen.

This is not a bug within the games themselves, it's a Windows 10 problem. You can try get the regular Windows versions which work fine, or you can wait for Microsoft to provide a fix (which could be a very long time, given their unresponsiveness and unwillingness to support Windows 8.0/8.1 apps).


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