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News Windows 10 bug 2015-08-19

There is a bug in Windows 10 which will make the "Windows 8 Store" versions of the games ("app" versions) unplayable if your desktop resolution is less than 1280x960. The specific issue is that the game image will not be properly centered and will spill outside your screen.

This is not a bug within the games themselves, it's a Windows 10 problem. You can try get the regular Windows versions which work fine, or you can wait for Microsoft to provide a fix (which could be a very long time, given their unresponsiveness and unwillingness to support Windows 8.0/8.1 apps).


News Chicken Invaders 5 v5.05 2015-08-17

Chicken Invaders 5 has been updated to version 5.05. The Spanish translation has been added (many thanks to Alfredo Alcaide) and the Russian translation has been improved (courtesy of Ilia Piven). It's fully backwards compatible with previous versions, so upgrading is completely optional.


News Chicken Invaders 2 v3.05 2015-07-27

Today we released a small update for Chicken Invaders 2. This fixes a very rare bug with the spaceship jumping around under mouse control. You only need to download the update if your system is affected.


News Lost progress in latest iOS CI3/CI4 updates 2015-07-15

We recently released some iOS updates for Chicken Invaders 3 and Chicken Invaders 4 that sadly will not upgrade your career progress correctly. If you updated your game recently, then you will notice that your progress has been reset. We have sent a fix to Apple and we expect it to be accepted within 7-10 days.

In the meantime, rest assured that your progress IS NOT LOST. You will get it back when the next update becomes live. Thanks for your patience!


News Chicken Invaders 4 v4.20 2015-06-15

Chicken Invaders 4 has been updated to 4.20. This is a major update which includes:

  • Game now runs in widescreen mode.
  • All languages are now available in Thanksgiving Edition.
  • Compiled with DirectX 9.0c (experimental)
  • Works on old Athlon XP processors (experimental)
  • Improved joystick/gamepad control (D-pad, analogue support)

This update breaks network compatibility with previous versions, so you'll need it if you want to play multiplayer games.


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