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News Android games temporarily unavailable 2021-05-12

All of our Android games are temporarily unavailable, because Google unilaterally and unfairly decided to terminate our account. We have appealed this decision, but it could be several days or weeks until the issue is resolved. We'll post any developments here.


News Chicken Invaders Universe 2021-04-10

Chicken Invaders Universe is the latest and greatest installment in the Chicken Invaders saga. It’s not part of the regular sequentially numbered episodes that have been release thus far – think of it as more of a spin-off taking place in the same… well… universe. We may or may not return to our regular episode numbering after this.

Chicken Invaders Universe combines the frantic chicken-fighting action that you know and love from previous episodes with a meta-layer that expands the experience beyond anything you’ve encountered before. You take on the role of a new recruit fresh out of Heroes Academy, joining the ranks of the United Hero Force (UHF) to fight against the fowl Henpire forces. Your adventure takes place in a persistent galaxy in which you see and interact with other players in real time, as well as other galaxy inhabitants (NPCs). Epic.

The game has been under intensive development for four years now. A little over two years ago, it saw a discreet release as Early Access (meaning "fully playable, but not 100% complete yet"). A vibrant and passionate community quickly formed around it, which has actively shaped the game ever since. The community has done such a wonderful job that we now feel the game is ready to be revealed to a wider audience, and to delight newcomers and veterans alike.

Since this is such a major project, we've set up a dedicated website for it: chickeninvaders.com. Go there to find out more.


News macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility updates 2019-12-28

We've just released an update for all our Mac games that improves compatibility under macOS 10.15 Catalina. Specifically, the following versions have been updated:

- Mac games found on this site
- Mac games on Steam
- Mac games found on Apple's Mac Store (these particular updates aren't live yet, but we expect them to be by the new year)


News Comprehensive Android update 2019-12-05

We've just released a comprehensive update for all of our Android games. The updates are built with the latest version of Android tools, and correct the crashes that the October updates introduced on some devices. Other highlights include 64-bit native libraries, an overhauled purchasing system, and Android 10 support. On the flipside, you'll need at least Android 5.0+ (this can't be helped -- it was dictated by Google's requirements).


News Cumulative Steam update 2019-09-15

We've just issued a cumulative Steam update for Chicken Invaders 2, 3, 4, and 5 and all their editions and platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

This updates the games to their latest available version with improvements, bug fixes, and compatibility tweaks. The changes are too many to list -- some main points are: Fixed Chicken Invaders 3 cross-platform savegame incompatibility, fixed Chicken Invaders 3 visual glitches, macOS builds are now 64-bit and use SDL2, new Steamworks SDK is used.


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