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News Chicken Invaders 2 original music update correction 2018-03-15

We've just realized that our last Chicken Invaders 2 update was not properly served by our website. This means that you still got the older version, which was lacking the option to select between the original and the remastered music (this only affected the registered version, the demo works fine).

We have corrected the issue now, so you can log in using your existing authorization code to download the update!


News Smileyville registered update 2017-08-14

We've just issued a long-standing update to the registered version of Smileyville (v1.37). If you're registered, log in and download it!


News Android update: failed purchases 2017-04-10

There was a problem in our recent Android update that prevented correct unlocking of particular games. Affected Android games are: Chicken Invaders 3 Easter, Chicken Invaders 3 Easter HD, Chicken Invaders 4 Easter, Chicken Invaders 4 Easter HD, Chicken Invaders 4 Thanksgiving, Chicken Invaders 4 Thanksgiving HD.

We have now fixed this — update your game and you should be good to go!


News Chicken Invaders high scores reset 2017-03-13

All Chicken Invaders high scores have just been reset! Newcomers fresh out of heroes academy, this is your chance to shine!

Note: Careers have been preserved. Also, even if your scores are old, they will re-appear if you upload them to us!


News Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition released 2016-12-01

'tis the season to be jolly, cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck, cluck-CLUUUUUUCK! Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Edition is now officially available for Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Steam!


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