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So, did you like our demo games and want to play them in their full glory? Then we recommend you purchase (or "register") your favourite game! Registration supports the hard work that has gone into creating these games, and allows us to continue making such games for you in the future.

That's all very well for us, but how does registration actually benefit YOU? We're glad you asked. Just look at all the stuff you'll get when you register one of our games:

1. THE FULL GAME. Naturally enough. You'll get the complete, unrestricted game. No limits, no nags. Access all the levels, all the bonuses, all the options, all the time. Yes, cheats too!
2. ALL PLATFORMS*. Our games support Windows/Mac/Linux platforms, and you'll automatically get all of them. Do you have a desktop PC but a Mac laptop? No problem, just mix and match! *excludes platforms controlled by third-party App Stores (for instance: Apple App Store, Windows Store, Google Play)
3. ALL LANGUAGES. Whenever a game is available in more than one language, you'll get all of them for free. No more hunting around for that special Swahili edition you like so much.
4. FREE SPECIAL EDITIONS. Every time we release a special edition of your game (such as our hallmark Christmas Editions), you can have that, too. Yes, for free!
5. FREE UPDATES. You'll also get access to new and improved versions of the games as they become available. Automatically. And for free!
6. COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION. You'll also get the complete official manual to go together with your name. The complete documentation typically includes tips and tricks, game guides and cheat codes.
7. WORLD-WIDE COMMUNITY FEATURES. How good are you, really? Compare yourself with players from all around the world by uploading your scores and careers to the InterAction studios world-wide high score tables. You can also use our matchmaking servers to play multiplayer games (selected games only).
8. UNLIMITED SUPPORT. Any problems with your download, installation, or gameplay? Just let us know, and we'll take care of the rest. We also have an extensive support section right here on the site that will solve most problems instantly.
9. REGISTRATION FOR LIFE. Your registration will never expire. Think of it as "registration for life". Lost your game? No problem, you can just download it again! Lost your authorization code? Tell us your name or e-mail and we'll recover it for you! No need to purchase a CD or extra "download insurance"!
10. ETERNAL GRATITUDE. Our own. We're deeply grateful that you recognize the value of our work and support us in our journey. You're the reason we're still around after all these years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Note that all these benefits are available exclusively for registrations directly on this site. You can search all the websites in all the world and you won't find them anywhere else. If you buy our games from any other site, please check with them first because their policies will most likely be different!

Place your order today and become a lifelong part of the InterAction studios family!


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