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Welcome to the support section. We've restructured this section completely to make it easier to find the answers you want. Just follow the guide below:


What best describes your problem?
I'm using Linux. » Please refer to our Linux help section.
I'm using a Mac. » Please refer to our Mac help section.
I'm having trouble with a game. » Check out our dedicated sections on Chicken Invaders 1, Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave (all editions), Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk (all editions), Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette (all editions), Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side (all editions), Island Wars 1, Island Wars 2 (all editions), Smileyville, Loco (all editions), Piggly (all editions), or Christmas Eve Crisis.
I'm having questions or problems registering. » Check out ordering help.
I've registered and I need to ask something about my account. » Go to customer help.
I'm having trouble uploading my high scores. » Visit the high score upload section.
I simply want to make a comment or suggestion about one of your games. » You may contact us here.
None of these solved my problem, I want to get in touch with you directly. » Send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do.


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