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High Score Upload Help

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Help I can't find the option for uploading my high scores in the game.

High score uploading is only supported in the official "pack" versions purchased directly on this site. If you have bought the game from any other site, the uploading option will not be present and you will not be able to add your scores to our tables.


Help Why have I been banned?

Because you've been a very naughty boy... Seriously though, these bans are automatically performed for the protection of our servers and they will clear up on their own. Try again in a few days.


Help Why was my high score rejected?

Could be a number of reasons. Your high scores will be rejected if you've cheated or otherwise modified the file, if it was somehow corrupted when you uploaded it, or if it fails a number of heuristic checks. It is indeed possible that some legitimate high scores will be rejected.


Help Can I e-mail you about rejecting my high scores?

You can if you want to, but most likely we won't answer. As the upload page clearly mentions, the high score upload system is offered as a courtesy, and we unfortunately don't have the time or resources to engage in any correspondence.


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