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Ordering Help

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Help I want to register, but I don't have a credit card!

Regrettably, the only way you can currently register is on-line with a credit card. We are looking into alternative means of payment. If there is ever another way to register, rest assured that you'll read about it on the news page.

Update: We can now also accept payments through PayPal.


Help Can I pay with a cheque, money order, or bank transfer?

Unfortunately not.


Help How many licenses do I need to buy?

Our standard license allows you to install a game on as many computers as you own, provided it's for personal use only. If multiplayer functionality is supported, you can also play LAN multiplayer games between those computers using a single license. However, only one of your computers using your license (that is, with your particular authorization code) can participate in Internet multiplayer games at any given time. If you wish to play over the internet, then you will need a separate license for each participating computer.


Help What is the cost of your games in US$ (or other currencies)?

All prices on our ordering page are in Euros. On the same page that shows your cart you can also find a link that will convert Euros into your local currency. Bear in mind that, since international currency rates fluctuate constantly, the precise amount charged will depend on your exact time of registration.


Help Is the registration process secure?

Yes, absolutely. We use industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption on the page where you enter your credit card details. This means that no-one can eavesdrop on your communications and steal your card number.

Furthermore, we never store any credit card information on-site. In fact, we don't get access to your credit card number — ever! The page where you enter your card information is on the bank's web site, and the bank directly completes your transaction. We only get a message back saying "transaction went fine, please give this person their game". No credit card information is ever transmitted back to us.

Anyway, if you still have concerns, we'll be happy to discuss them with you personally.


Help Which registration method should I choose?

Go for the default selection first. If you are having problems (for example, if the website is unavailable or your credit card is rejected), try the alternative method. However, note that most credit card rejections originate from the issuing bank itself, so if (for example) your bank does not allow internet transactions on your card, then the second method will fail too.

All options are secure and require a credit card, but they use different payment systems. Make sure that the method you choose accepts your particular credit card type.


Help Where can I find my credit card's CVV/CVC number?

CVV codeFor VISA and MasterCard cards, this number is located on the back of your card. There should be a number printed on the signature stripe. The last 3 digits of that number are your CVV/CVC code.





Help I enter my credit card details, but I get an error message that says my transaction has failed!

There are several reasons why this could be happening. There should be a reason given in the error message which could help to identify (or at least narrow down) what exactly went wrong. Common reasons for failed transactions include:

  1. Incorrectly entering your credit card details. Do not use any spaces or dashes when entering your credit card number.
  2. Using an unsupported credit card type. Supported cards vary depending on which registration method you choose, but generally only include VISA and MasterCard/EuroCard.
  3. Some cards have limits on the type of transactions that they allow:
    • Some cards don't allow on-line internet purchases.
    • Some cards don't allow purchasing goods from a different country than your own.
    Your card issuer should be able to provide more information about the particular restrictions on the use of your card.

If this still doesn't solve the problem, try registering with an alternative method (you can select the registration method on the same page you entered your name & e-mail).

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