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Help I need some help related to my registration.

Have you registered on this web site? If so, continue reading. If you have purchased the game from anywhere else, you'll need to contact them directly for help. We have no direct knowledge (including registration codes) or control over registrations on other sites, so unfortunately there is very little we can help you with.


Help I've registered but I've run out of downloads/time. Can I please have some more?

Sure, just e-mail us whenever you need extra downloads/time. Be sure to include the name and/or e-mail you registered with so we can locate your record in our database.


Help I've registered. Where are my cheat codes, bonus list, and other goodies?

These are all part of your documentation, which is installed together with the game. It can be found at Start -> Programs -> (game) -> Documentation, where "(game)" is the name of the game you registered (for example, Chicken Invaders). If, for any reason, the icon is not there, it can also be accessed directly from the "readme.htm" file in your installation folder.


Help My authorization code doesn't seem to work!

Type in your authorization code exactly as shown, dashes included. Some letters and/or numbers look alike, double-check that you have typed it in correctly. Better yet, copy-paste it in to avoid any mistakes.


Help My authorization code was accepted, but I can't download the protected files!

Some browsers don't handle files properly when you left click on a link. Always right-click on the protected links and select "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." from the pop-up menu.

Disable any download managers (such as GetRight or Download Accelerator Pro), they won't work with the protected files (all you'll manage is to run out of remaining downloads). If you find that you are downloading error messages (like "not logged in") instead of proper files, then this is to blame.

Finally, you need to have cookies enabled in your browser for the protected downloads to work. Also, make sure you are not using one of those "internet protection firewall" programs that block cookies by default.


Help I've downloaded the U3 version, but it doesn't work!

Do you have a U3 USB device? The version you have downloaded will only work with U3 devices. If you don't have one, there's nothing you can do to get that file to work.

If you do have a U3 device, the U3 version comes in .U3P (U3 package) format, which you need to install through the U3 Launchpad. If you bring it up (by clicking on the U3 icon at the bottom-right of your screen while the device is plugged in), select "Add programs" on the right and then "Install from my computer". Then, point to the location of your downloaded .U3P file.

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