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We receive literally hundreds of e-mails per day. Although we'd like to think it's because we're incredibly popular, the truth is that they're mostly viruses and spam.

Still, they have made it necessary for us to have a pretty aggressive automatic filtering system.

If you want your message to reach us, then please don't leave the subject empty. Use a subject line that mentions the game you're talking about (for example, "Chicken Invaders").

If you...
  • have a question that wasn't covered by the dedicated support sections
  • want to send a comment or suggestion
  • you wish to discuss a business proposition
  • pretty much anything else

... you are welcome to send e-mail to:



We always reply to your e-mails, so if you haven't heard back from us in a few days, your e-mail probably got lost. Try sending it again with a different subject.


If you are registered, please include with any queries the name and e-mail you registered with.

If you are sending in a problem, make sure you include the following:

  • The precise error message you get.
  • The processor type, graphics card type and operating system you are running.
  • The version of the game you are running.
  • Exactly at which point in the game the error occurs (if consistent).

The more of the above you include, the easier and faster it will be to track down your problem and hopefully fix it (or, in the worst case, add it to the list of known bugs).


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