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Chicken Invaders:

Ultimate Omelette
Network Wizard Help

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Help Step 1: Network test

This is the first step of the Network Wizard, and any potential problems will most likely appear here. This step is designed to test your internet connection. This process also forces any firewall windows to pop up at this stage (and not while you're playing) so you can enable network access for the game. The option "Run test on desktop" exists precisely for this reason: when enabled, the game will temporarily run in a window on your desktop. This will make it easier to spot any firewall windows (if the game is taking up your entire screen, they might not be visible when they appear).

Note: In older game versions, the firewall windows will not always show up at this stage. If you complete the Network Wizard but find out that you can't connect to LAN/internet games, return to your desktop and check for any firewall windows that have popped up. Enable access for the game, then try again.

Note: Under certain configurations, older game versions may freeze during this stage. Check the FAQ for more details on how to overcome these problems.


Help Step 2: Speed Test

This test simply makes sure that your computer is fast enough to support hosting and joining multiplayer network games. Network games are more demanding on your hardware than solo missions, and to ensure a good playing experience for both yourself and your playing partners, this test must be completed successfully.

You need at least an average frames-per-second result of 20. Practically, you should avoid network games if you get any result less than 40, because your computer won't be able to handle some of the more graphically intensive scenes without slowing down.


Help Step 3: Network Configuration

In this step you get to set your basic network preferences:

Internet Connection
Choose the closest match to the type of your internet connection. If you can't find the exact type listed, choose a worse (slower) value.
Max Players
Select the maximum number of players that you want to join/host on this computer. Note that this value is limited by your network connection. For example, if you've selected "dial-up" above, then you can only host a maximum of 2 players.
Authorization code
If you are running the registered version of the game, you need to enter your authorization code (given to you when you registered) here. You will only be able to upload high scores and join network games if this code is correct. If you have registered more than one game and the code has been pre-filled in for you, make sure it's for your correct (Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk) account. If it has been incorrectly filled in, simply delete it and type the correct code.
Your country
Select your current country from the list provided. The list is sorted alphabetically based on country code, and you can jump directly to a country if you press its starting letter (for example, U for U.S.). This is the country that will be shown next to your high scores, when you submit them to the world-wide tables.


Help Step 4: The World Map

This step allows you to fine-tune your current location in the world. Similar to the last step, you can change your country (any change here will change your country selection in the previous step as well). By default, the location on the world map is set to the capital of your country. To provide a more accurate position, simply click on the map.

This information is used to locate games that are closest to your geographical location, and hence have the greatest possibility of providing the best/fastest network connections. In general, the closest to you a game is hosted, the better your network experience will be, so it is critical that you place the map pin as close to your current position as possible.


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