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Chicken Invaders

Episodes 3 & 4:
The Soundtrack

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Chicken Invaders Soundtrack

You've heard it before. It's always been in the background, fanning your sense of heroism, making you sweat in nail-biting tension, spurring you on to a chicken-blasting frenzy... And now you can enjoy it whenever you please!

This double soundtrack album contains all music from Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk and Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette. It's a big and intricate orchestral score, composed and produced by wonderfully talented 2dB Music Production.

Sit back, relax, and re-live your greatest chicken-hunting moments by listening to the full-length tracks, or enjoy the small jingles as ringtones for your mobile phone.

As Bob Mandel, senior writer for the online magazine Adrenaline Vault writes: "This is the most rousing, energizing, inspirational orchestral game soundtrack I have heard in many a year — in both virtual and real environments, it makes me feel as if I can overcome any obstacle !!!!!!!"

Track list
Ultimate Omelette
1. Main Theme
2. Mission 1 03:02
3. Mission 2
4. Mission 3 03:04
5. Boss Fight 02:06
6. Mission Success 02:02
7. Egg Cannon Theme 02:04
8. Game Over 00:11
9. Suspense 00:05
10. Victory
Revenge of the Yolk
11. Main Theme
12. Mission 1
13. Mission 2
14. Mission 3
15. Boss Fight
16. Mission Success
17. Yolk-Star Theme
18. Game Over
19. Victory
Bonus tracks
20. Invaders 03:11
21. UO Main Theme Xmas 02:52

Individual tracks also available on iTunes and Amazon.


The soundtrack is offered as a digital download and includes:

  • 21 Tracks (duration 41:24).
  • MP3 format (stereo, 320Kbps).
  • Bonus content: Front sleeve, Rear sleeve, Liner notes.
  • Delivered in one compressed .zip file.
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